Happy Thursday

It’s Thursday and so far my girls have made it through the week with a smile, no fighting, and on time! Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it lasted for the whole school year?  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, if I had a dollar for every time I wished it would go smoothly I would be the richest person alive. LOL

This is Sophie’s first year in the middle school and her first year in a big school. (compared to her last school)  She was pretty nervous about it all. New kids, bigger place, lock on the lockers, the list is endless.  However, her first day went fantastic. She met up with some friends she hasn’t seen in a few years, and already has a good group of friends to hang out with. Not to shabby for the first day of school. Now if she could only get her locker open…..

20150825_064641 watermark

You can see she’s a bit nervous here, but it’s also her hurry up and take the pic, Mom look.  I had to take the pic fast, as the bus was waiting on her.  Since the original pic didn’t turn out so hot. I took it with my cell phone instead of my DSLR camera and I didn’t have time to get the pic “just right”.  I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to fix the pic. However, I came across a .script for PaintShopPro clicked the button after installing it and I have a much better photo. Yay!!!
I found the scripts by accident while surfing the web. I came across this little site Sheilsoft.  If you like to edit photos in Corel Paint Shop Pro, than you should go take a peek. Just click on Sheilsoft to get there and to learn more about Corel Paint Shop Pro clickity click the name.

I actually had so many things I wanted to blog about today I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted to do. Don’t be surprised if you see another blog from me today. Smile with tongue out

Until next time;

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3 thoughts on “Happy Thursday

  1. Great to see you blogging again! I started a blog on Blogger. I share them on my Google+ page too. How blessed you are with such beautiful kids. You know going into middle school is a big deal.

    • It feels good to be blogging again. I really missed it. It’s amazing how writing a few words in a blog can be so relaxing.
      You should post your link to blog and I’ll put it on my blogging buddies page. Well, I’ve got to create the page first. Though, that will take only a few seconds.

      I remember when I first went to middle school. I thought the 9th graders were all so big. I was able to get into the grove of it fairly quickly. I was lucky I suppose. 🙂

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