Demon Cat

About a month ago, we removed a chair from my daughter’s room to toss because it had seen better days.  The door was left open for just a few minutes.  In those few minutes our kitty Zoey took off. This isn’t the first time she had escaped, so I wasn’t to worried at first.
A few days turned into a week. A week turned into a month.
As we live in the middle of no where we have a bit of wildlife around, so I  assumed she was a goner. Yet, I still held hope that she would still show up.


There she is shortly before she left. She’s always been a grumpy cat. She was very selective about who could pet her. I very rarely had to many problems with her. In fact she always slept next to me at night.

Fast forwarding to today. Yesterday I received a message from my neighbor asking if I was missing my calico. I told her that yes I was.  My hopes were up. Could it really be her? It had been a little over a month since we had seen her.
Next thing I know my neighbor is here with Zoey. I was so happy and relieved that she was alive and well.  Other than a bit of weight loss she looked no worse for wear for being gone so long.
I found out she had been making her rounds to the neighbors and eating the food they had set out for the strays that seem to keep popping up in our area.

No sooner was she back home did she start making all of our lives miserable. Hence the demon cat.  She’s hissing and growling at my other kittys. Where before she didn’t really have a problem with them. They all coexisted just fine.
She won’t let me or the kids pet her. My other kitty’s are in hiding and won’t even go into the same room she’s in.
I’m not sure what to do. Brian said let her go back outside and well make sure she has plenty of food and water.
A few things come to mind when I think about doing it. Winter is coming and I don’t want her to freeze. Though, I can follow that up with we have a heated dog house that we’ve lined for the strays to take refuge in during the winter.
My second thought is, what if the coyotes get to her? I would never forgive myself if that happened. My third and final thought is, I don’t want her to be a hindrance to my neighbors by eating food that is meant for other animals.
20150922_042628 20150922_042708
Here is Zoey today. She’s still healthy but mean as all get out. So my friends, blogging buddies, and family. Please give me your thoughts on my predicament.

Until next time;

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3 thoughts on “Demon Cat

  1. My first thought is she may not feel very well. Who knows what she’s been eating, and that could make her feel mean. I know I feel mean when I don’t feel well (almost every day). Especially since she wasn’t like that before. I don’t remember when you got her, but if she wasn’t feral, it would seem to me she didn’t just turn that way in a month. I let Jazz go back outside and I have regretted it ever since….If it was me. I’d take her to the vet, check her out, and give her some more time. Poor baby. My 2 fatties hiss at each other daily, but that’s about all that happens. Loki is usually the one who gets hissed at, and he never seems to know why.

  2. I agree with taking her to the vet. She was gone for a little over a month. Goddess only knows what she’s been exposed to.
    She’s still not getting along with the other cats but she has settled down a wee bit. She let me pet her for a few minutes yesterday.

    Reflecting back before I wrote this post, she was acting a lot like a teenager who got caught doing something she shouldn’t of been doing.
    When my neighbor opened the pet taxi and she came out she looked at me and hung her head and ran inside the house. I think between acting like a teen she was overwhelmed by the attention we all were trying to give to her. She’s going to have to earn her spot back within the pack. It’s as if she’s the new kid on the block. I guess the other’s wrote her off as gone. LOL

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