Happy hump day everyone! I hope this post finds everyone doing well.

Well, it’s that time of year again. I know, ya’ll are thinking ummm… and what time is that? It’s invasion of the lady/boxelder bugs. My house is covered in both.
Yesterday, I had the windows open. Enjoying the fresh air when I look up and I have a ceiling covered in lady bugs (my screen needs fixed). I pulled out the vacuum and started sucking them up (I let them loose outside when done).  I was pretty sure I had gotten a big portion of them.  Later during the night I go to the bathroom and I look up and what do I see? A ceiling covered in ladybugs. I’m thinking to myself, are you serious right now?

2015-10-06 20.49

My daughter Emma, did the sucking and releasing of the ladybugs for me this time.

There are so many upsides to country living that you don’t often hear about the few downsides.
Every fall as the farmers start harvesting the fields, the invasions begin. If it’s a chilly day out with cloud cover the bugs stay away. However, if it’s a nice day like it has been this week. They make their presence known in hordes.

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