February 9th, 2016

Today didn’t start out the best. When it was time to wake the girls for school, I was just coming out of a nightmare, and in more pain than normal.

Unfortunately one of the many things

that goes along with Complex PTSD is nightmares.  I was doing so well for a while. I hadn’t had a nightmare in a few weeks, when all of a sudden about two weeks ago they started again. Every single time I go to sleep I wake up with my heart pounding, shaking, and breathing hard.  I can only see the dream for the first few seconds upon waking, then just like that its gone.  Which makes it hard for me to work through the dream to get to the root of the problem, and make them stop.

This morning also brought extra pain. I’m always in pain but not as bad as today. I wanted to crawl out of my skin, because the pain was so intense.

Sarah has been doing really good with getting all of her homework done and getting showered and in bed without a fuss. While she’s always been good about her homework. Bath time had been a very stressful time. I’ve implemented a new routine and knock on wood, it seems to be working out.

I opened a photobucket account. My goal is to put a few pictures that I’d like to share with everyone. While the majority of you have me on Facebook and may have seen the pics on there. I think it’ll be a nice change of scenery so to speak.
Do any of you have your pictures on a sight like PhotoBucket?

Until next time;

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