No luck at all

If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all.  This is me being positive. *sighs*

Emma’s car died today. She needs a new radiator and she can’t drive it without it overheating. Unfortunately she needs a new one.
She’s been ride to the store and all doctors appts since April.  *double sighs*

Found out today my health insurance stopped paying my therapist.  No explanation just a letter saying they denied payment. This is not a good thing and I can’t afford out of the pocket.
She’s been my rock for the last year are so.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Talk about Instant anxiety attack when I found out.

It’s 2:15 in the morning and I should be sleeping. Insomnia strikes again!
Over the past few days I’ve felt this excess energy swirling around me.  I had a friend do a tarot reading on me and I didn’t feel like it was for me.  It felt more like it was for a friend of mine that I’m concerned for.   I’m an empath and I channel others energies so there is no telling for sure.

I found out a few months ago my biological father could be dead and an even stronger lead yesterday that he was.  I’m being cautious about it.  Until I see a death certificate I won’t feel completely safe.  Which started me thinking on the topic of capital punishment.

The death penalty, are you for it, or against it? I’ve always been on the fence about it. I could see both sides of it except when it came to the crimes of a child. Then I say fry the bastard!
Being an adult and still scared of “him”. There is a sense of relief with the thought that he might be gone. So I started putting myself in scenarios what if he had been in jail the whole the time? Nope, I would have still be scared. When there is a will to get to a person there is always a way. As long as you know where they are. I went on with a few others and I came up with the same answers.

Unfortunately my views still haven’t changed. While I side with the victims and I lean towards it way higher for more crimes now. I’m still unsure, for the simple fact my terror started when I was an infant.  I’ve always been for frying them in case of a child.
I wonder if my experience is making me bias? I would have to hear it on a case by case basis. I don’t think it should be all crimes in group A qualify for it.

I’ve been rambling and even though I have more to say I need to sleep. My meds are finally kicking in.  I’ve finally decided where to start with my story and hope to find time to write some tomorrow.
Love & Light,

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2 thoughts on “No luck at all

  1. I’m for the death penalty in extreme cases. Timothy McVeigh? Absolutely. Anyone who kills a bunch of people and isn’t concerned with who or why, how do you rehabilitate that? Why house and feed and clothe that for a lifetime? I’ve also been a fan of the punishment fitting the crime. The guy in Texas who tied a guy to the bumper of his truck and drug him through the streets should have had the same done to him. No quiet humane lethal injection.

    That said I want there to be proof that it was the right guy and not someone else. Not a bunch of circumstancial evidence. I do think people would sleep better knowing there’s one less maniac about there.

  2. I agree with everything you said. When you put it like that I do support the death penalty.
    Like you said, it’s far to easy of an end for some. Death in the same manner as the victim seems fitting to me. Some killers/criminals live for the notoriety of their crimes and make money sitting in prison. There are some sick people out there and I know I for one feel better when they’re no longer among the living.

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