It’s 5am have you slept yet?

It’s 5am and I haven’t been to bed yet.  I’m so tired of not being able to sleep like a normal person. I spend the entire day exhausted because I’ve gotten very little sleep. 9-10pm hits and my brain starts racing and it’s on with no shut off switch in sight.  *sighs*

School starts on Weds, once again the summer has passed and we didn’t do anything.  Didn’t even go to the swimming the pool.  I hate this for my kids. This is prime memory making time.  🙁 When the teacher asks the girls what they did over the summer they are embarrassed. All of their friends have answers.  We did nothing.   Brian kept promising to take them to the zoo.  He’s promised for the last 3 years.  It’s never going to happen.  Really makes my heart hurt for them.

I have a scheduled appointment with my general doctor on Tuesday. I feel it’s time to ask him for a prescription for a wheel chair. I need insurance to cover the cost of it.  Losing my independence like this has been a real blow to the ego.  It’s time to stop  being so prideful and accept my reality.

Sarah has nothing for school yet.  I’m hoping Brian follow thru on his promise and takes us shopping today. She has no supplies or school clothes.  She lost a bunch of weight this summer and her clothes won’t stay up.
Neither girl has had a haircut since this time last year.  Positive note is Sophie is 100% done except for her much needed haircut.

Today is the solar eclipse. I won’t be able to watch it as we don’t have the right glasses but it’s still exciting. We are in the 90% pathway, so that’s cool.

I’m going to try and get some sleep. Wish me luck.

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