Has your body ever hurt so bad that it hurt to sleep? That’s where I am.  It always hurts to sleep but more so now.  We’ve been so busy over the last few days. My body finally said “bitch, you’re done”.  Sunday the girls got their haircuts.  Sarah got 7 inches off and Sophie got 4in off.   It was a shame they wouldn’t let us donate.  Nothing under 10 inches is their policy.  Maybe it’s like that everywhere?

Sarah got some school clothes, a pair of shoes and school supplies on Sunday as well.   Came home and got everything sorted and ready for school. Monday brought us Sarah’s meet and greet.  That’s when she brings in her school supplies sees her classrooms meets all her teachers  and any new staff regardless of grade and gets any last-minute information for school.

Here she is in front of her locker.  Sporting her new haircut.

All her teachers were amazed at how much she grew over the summer.  My baby is growing up!  She’s officially a 4th grader!






Today I had my doctor’s appointment with my regular doctor.  I’ve been having some problems with speech and memory.  We talked about that, it’s possible I had another stroke, or a brain tumor.  So I’m going to be getting an MRI on my brain soon.   Hopefully we can figure out whats going on.  We’re also changing up my diabetic meds. Taking me off of one pill and off of my night and only dose of insulin. I don’t even remember what I’ll be taking instead. Getting rid of two and only having one sounds like a plan to me.
I forgot to ask him about the wheelchair so I’ll have to wait and ask him when I see him in December. Or call and ask for one over the phone. I haven’t decided yet. I have access to one so it’s not the end all if I don’t have my own this very second. Yah know?

Sophie had her meet and greet tonight. I didn’t go to that one. She’s a freshmen this year.  Emma took her and showed her around the school, helped her with her locker and most importantly to Sophie, didn’t take one single picture.  *sighs*  I was informed she’s to old for that now.

Tomorrow/today is the first day of school.  These past two months have flown by.  Sarah is super excited to get back into the swing of things.  Sophie not so much.  Though she is happy to see her friends.

That’s all for now;


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4 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Do you remember Bill (my stalker)? He was doing a study on solar flares and pain. Sounds nuts, but he had it documented for a long time. He had severe pain too – some inherited thing, on top of Agent Orange issues from Viet Nam and neurological skin pain. He said even clothing hurt at times. Anyway, I would have ‘unexpected’ pain flare-ups and they did coincide with his, and his happened during solar flares. I say “unexpected” meaning worse than usua, different constant pain. And now I have sharp pains in my knee and legs that wakes me up at night. I don’t have those excruciating pains during the day though – when I’m actually using my knee so – why??? It interferes with my sleep which isn’t great at the best of times. Overall I am a crabby thing because of it. So yes, it does hurt to sleep sometimes. I have to have a very soft mattress so pressure points are less. I have stacks of foam toppers since I can’t afford a super expensive memory foam mattress. Another instance of money CAN buy happiness.

    Just thought I’d share – you are not alone. I have to go to work every day regardless of how I feel, so overall I suppose I am “lucky” I can still force myself to do shit I don’t want to do. I don’t very often get to do things I WANT to do. Like get a pedicure with my only daughter. That seems more impossible than sleeping through the night. Like I said before, it’s time for a change for me. I don’t know what it will be, but it’s coming. For you too. You have your disability – no matter how much or little, it’s more than you have now. We’ll go from there!!!

    • Kathy,
      Of course I remember Bill, he’s a hard one to forget. He still crosses my mind from time to time.
      I know weather, pressure, and humidity can all affect my pain so I’m not surprised to hear solar flares are linked as well.

      I hope things change for you soon. It’s time you start thinking of you. 🙂

  2. Pain sucks. I have migraines, bursitis in both hips, both types of arthritis. It feels like I walk on broken feet every day. I don’t sleep very well these days.
    I hate pain. I hate when my friends are in pain.

    • You can say that again! Pain does suck!!! I’ve got bursitis in my shoulder and it can be very painful. I’m sorry to hear you have it in not one, but both hips. I’ve got limited range of motion due to mine in spite of several rounds of physical therapy.

      Haven’t seen you around in awhile I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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