I feel a migraine

I feel a migraine coming on. I talked to my lawyer on Monday and found out that I won’t hear anything back about disability payments for 3-6 months.

My health insurance keeps screwing me around. My doctor wanted to change my insulin pen to a non-insulin pen ( it’s one that works with the insulin within my body) but my insurance denied it. Said no we needed to try this other thing first. So he prescribed this other thing. The assholes denied that one too!!! Even though they are the ones that said I needed to try that med first.
The whole reason he’s taking me off the insulin is my body doesn’t need it anymore since I’ve lost weight.  However, I still need something and what they are recommending is insulin. It’s long acting insulin.  *bangs head* These asshats who sit behind desks and make choices about my health are not even doctors! *face palm*

I got an e-mail today that says it’s time to renew my site. I’m screwed, I don’t have the money  for it and I know my friends don’t have it either.  I’m still going to ask for donations just on the off chance that someone out there can help me out. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t truly need it.
I know there are free sites I could have a blog at or I could write on FB or a number of other places. Having my own place is cathartic to me. *shrugs*

Ending on a positive note. My kitty, Buddy cuddled with me all afternoon. He’s such a sweetheart. My shots I received, a week ago tomorrow, wore off today and I’m hurting pretty bad.  He knew I needed some kitty love. <3  He’ll be 1 in a few weeks and I swear he’s one of the sweetest kittys you’ll ever meet.  He’s a bit shy of other people but once he gets to know you watch out. All purrs and cuddles.

If you can donate, any amount is appreciated.  If not I do understand.  Times suck donkey balls for so many of us right now.

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4 thoughts on “I feel a migraine

    • It’s $35 to renew. I found out Paypal takes part of the donation. I worded it wrong in the first comment so I deleted and started over fresh.
      Today I was looking for my phone and asked Sarah (she’s 9) if she knew where my vibrator was. *sighs* My head doesn’t work anymore. I meant to say phone.

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