Back in session

Sophie and Sarah have been in school for a few weeks now. The above pic is from their first day.  It feels strange having only two in school now.  Sophie is a Freshman and Sarah is in 4th grade.  They seem to both be doing well in school so far.  Sophie had school pictures done today.  Surprisingly, Brian paid for them.  I’m extremely thankful that he did.  Emma got up early and did Sophie’s hair and make up.  It’s like she has her very own stylist!

Did anyone catch American Horror Story Tuesday?  Emma, Sophie and I watched it.  I enjoyed it, Emma was disappointed and Sophie didn’t seem to have much of an opinion either way.  I’m looking forward to the next episode to see what direction it takes.

I’m also so super excited for Sunday. Outlander is coming on. *sighs*  It’s so romantic, to have a relationship like Jamie’s and Claire’s .  Makes me yearn for Scotland.  Do any of you watch it? If not you should, they follow the books pretty closely and they are not on season 3 which is following book 3.

I still haven’t heard anything about my disability and it’s been a month.  If I understood why it took so long I would have an easier time waiting. Every day the girls check the mail I think will today be the day I hear from the them.   I know, I need to just let it go and I’ll hear from them when I do. Easier said than done. Take my word on that.

We tried a new recipe on Monday.  I wanted a new take on Goulash so we made this one.  I did a few minor things differently like draining the grease and cooking the noodles separately.  It was delish and everyone loved it!  Whats a favorite dish of yours?
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  1. They are growing up so fast!! Seems like it was just yesterday we had your “virtual baby shower” with ZB for Sarah!

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