Can you name that beard?

I have a love-hate relationship with quizzes.  I hate that I love to take them! *giggles*  I subscribe to a quiz site known as Brain Candy. They deliver a featured quiz to my inbox every day. Most days I glance at it, debate on taking the quiz and say to myself “I don’t have time for this foolishness” and delete.  Today, I was bored and said: “ahh, what the fuck”. So here I am one quiz later sharing and blogging about it.

I’ve never been fond of beards, it stems back from childhood. My father had one and they kinda turn my stomach. *shrugs*

I didn’t do so hot, I figure I got a C- if I were to be graded. I got 7 right out of 11. I missed 4! Ugh!!! *facepalm* Oh, woe as me…..LOL, I’d love to see how you guys did. Hopefully better than I did. :-D.

Can You Name the Celebrity By His Beard? 

Click on the above link and take the short quiz. What do you have to lose? I know you want to. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Can you name that beard?

  1. I hate beards. I suppose if it’s cultural – or in the 1600’s, it is ok to have one, but they aren’t going to get near me, UGH

    BTW – i got 9 out of 11 by guessing the name i didn’t know if i didn’t recognize the mouth. still don’t know who some of them are.

  2. At least I’m not the only one who doesn’t like beards. Some women go gaga over them. I don’t get it, whatever does it for them.

    I had no clue who some of those people were and I second guessed myself. Regardless, I suck 😉 I can own it. *giggles*

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