Wiping noses and treating hair

All 8 of my precious kitties have been sick this month with a cold.  Brian took Salem to the vet for me as he was the worst off, he wasn’t eating or drinking and his breathing was raspy, I was super worried.  Brian’s cat “Greyson” was pretty darn sick too, but was still eating and drinking, you could just tell he didn’t feel good. I think that’s the real reason why he took Salem in. Regardless, he DID take him in and I AM very thankful for it.

Salem got a shot of antibiotics and steroids, turned out he had fleas pretty bad. *sighs* Which means they all have fleas! Salem got treated straight away because he’s allergic to them but my other kitties are going to have to wait for the real stuff.  They got some super cheap stuff from Walmart, by cheap I mean $5.  I need my disability money!!! The vet sent home antibiotics home for Greyson and Caelia as they seemed like they might need it, the rest just had a good old fashioned cold.  I’ve been keeping a close eye on them all. Food and water intake, making sure they are going to the litterbox and wiping a lot of noses. Poor things were sneezing left and right and pretty much all over me.   Most of them are better and the ones that are not all better are getting there, I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with the kitty colds.  Not sure how indoor kitties got fleas though…..

This weekend I had two of my grandchildren over. They don’t come over as often as they used to because I simply can’t watch them by myself anymore.  I noticed Ella was clawing at her head and I just had a sinking feeling so I asked her to let me check her hair. Sure enough, she had lice.  I didn’t catch it the night before, so we had all been exposed to it. Used the same brush, slept next to each other so on and so forth. Instantly my head started itching. lol I text her parents and told them that if Justin brought out the stuff I would treat the girls. I learned this wasn’t Ella and Norah’s first go around with lice. Poor girl has been dealing with this for over a month!  I don’t know if she keeps getting reinfected by someone at school, home, or if it’s resistant to the over the counter treatment.  I gave Justin instructions on how to take care of it, how to thoroughly clean the home and how to take care of the girl’s hair. Hopefully, this will be the end of it for them.  My girls always had long thick hair so I know what a pain the ass it is to deal with, especially if you are doing everything right and they are getting reinfected at school.  Poor Ella had bugs jumping off her head when I applied the treatment. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Both girls sat there like champs during the whole process of having the stuff put in their hair and the long comb out.
Does anyone know of any lice preventive that can be used during the school year in the girl’s hair?

I don’t know if it’s the season or if it’s me, I’m slipping deeper into my depression. I’m in more pain, I’m even more anti-social than I’ve ever been.  I hate this. I have very little enjoyment in life. I like to make pixel tags and that’s about it. Though no one seems to like what I make because I don’t charge for them, they are free and I very rarely get a request for any.  While people will pay others for the same thing that I’m doing for free.  My only guess is my stuff sucks.  I know, woe as me…LOL I accept it I really do. I feel better now that I’ve said. It is what it is.

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6 thoughts on “Wiping noses and treating hair

  1. I wish I had a magic wand that would fix you and the kitties too! All I can do is sent healing thoughts your way- hope they make a difference!

    As to selling (or giving away things) people value what’s valuable. You may find that they see more worth in what you put a price tag on despite the actual intrinsic value.

  2. Thank you, they are much needed and appreciated. My kitties are my babies but with fur hence furbabies. *giggles* Yeah, I’m a strange one.

    I originally started in the tagging community where no one ever charged for essentially the same thing. Pixels are basically the same thing but cute and small.
    You have given me something to ponder over.

  3. Wow you’re really having a go of it too. Hope you can get rid of the lice rather quickly. It’s been awhile since I’ve been exposed to it.
    I didn’t get a notice of this post through my email even though I follow you like that. Darn technology lol! Glad I found you posted the link on the plus.
    You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. ((Hugs))

    • Check your spam folder to see if it went in there. I have a copy delivered to my inbox as well to make to make sure it’s working right and I got my my copy. If it’s not there I’ll check and see if there is something wrong on my end. Technology can be a wonderful thing when it works. LOL!

      Thank you for the thoughts and prayers they are very much needed! I will be treating everyone again this weekend per directions. With all of us having long to longish hair and Emma and Sarah have thick hair we go through a lot of treatment shampoo. It can get costly even though we buy generic. It’s better to treat and not need it then to skip and to have needed it.

  4. Oooh, fleas are nasty. We’ve been through a couple of infestations before. My first kitty had them because the owner of the litter had them as indoor/outdoor cats and never treated them. It took us a year to rid our apartment and Chelsea of those nasty buggers.

    The other time, our kitties brought home visitors from the vet’s office. Needless to say, we changed vets and didn’t have a problem with them, even though Jerry insisted on living outside during flea season.

    I have the same issue with trying to sell my photos. Either I’m a crap photographer, the subject isn’t interesting to anyone or if I have a price on it, folks are odd and offer a whole dollar. Janeen might be closer to the reason for you, though. See what happens.

  5. I’m super worried about the house getting infested. We don’t have any carpet really, I have a bit in my bedroom but other than that it’s all wood flooring. I don’t have much for furniture either. So we shall see.
    I have an idea where the fleas came from but I’m not positive.

    Depending on the types of photos your trying to sell I might have a place that can help you sell. I know the people that run the place and you will get credit for each photo that is used. Shoot me an e-mail by clicking contact me at the very top of my blog with a couple of examples and if it’s the right type I can give you the info. If you like the idea of it I can pass on your info to the people and they can get in touch with you. I know they are always looking for fresh blood.

    I’ve put a lot of thought into what Janeen has said and I think I’m going to start charging for my sigs. I need the money that’s for sure.

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