Antisocial much?

I find myself becoming more and more antisocial. This concerns me a bit. I was once a social butterfly. I loved people, and it was nothing for me to start a conversation with a perfect stranger. Now, not so much. I find that I don’t particularly like people and I’m borderline, if not downright rude


Has your body ever hurt so bad that it hurt to sleep? That’s where I am.  It always hurts to sleep but more so now.  We’ve been so busy over the last few days. My body finally said “bitch, you’re done”.  Sunday the girls got their haircuts.  Please follow and like us:0

You can only make so much lemonade

Life seems to keep handing me lemons. You can only make so much lemonade. I’ve reached the point where even the lemonade is to sour. I’ve recently started seeing a new doctor. He specializes in pain management and rehab.  I was hesitant the first time I went to see him. Expecting the usual, there is

Friday, Nov. 20th 2015

I’m a depressed empath, with complex PTSD, living with chronic pain and fatigue. What does that make, you ask? It makes for an interesting, albeit miserable combination. I’ve been a bit of a recluse for the last several months. Truth be told, it’s  more like couple of years. Please follow and like us:0