Late night visitor

For the past week in half to two weeks I’ve been woken up by an other worldly visitor.  Every morning somewhere between the times of 3am to 3:35am, something wakes me up.  Could be a sound, the dog, a feeling of being watched, or the fact that the temperature has dropped a good 20°.  More often than not it’s all of the above.

I’ve been a Medium all of my life so it’s not uncommon to have a spirit contact me.  What is unsettling is the feeling I’m getting with this entity.  Something about it doesn’t feel right.  Maybe it’s because my dog Charlie wakes from his slumber growling and with his hackles up, or more than likely it’s the way it makes me feel. Which is on edge, as if something is coming and I need to protect myself and my family.

Last night I wanted to see if maybe I was reading more into it since I was being woken up from it.  So, I stayed up until after the nightly/early morning visit.  I wasn’t reading more into it.

It starts with an on edge feeling, as if a storm is coming and I need to prepare. Then the cold starts to creep in. At first is just a small drop in temperature then boom it’s almost seeing your breath cold in my room.  After that a combination of things happen. I hear some sort of noise, last night it was small thud. Simultaneously Charlie pops up with his hackles raised and starts to growl.

I’ve told it forcefully to leave every night and it’s left. Last night was no different.  Something is telling me this isn’t one spirit I don’t want to tango with.

After I settled a bit and was able to get to sleep, I had a very vivid dream.  There is a guy that I used to “ghost hunt” with.  I say ghost hunt loosely, it was more helping them tell their stories and cross if need be.
Anyway, I’ve never dreamed of him before so even in the dream I thought it was odd.  We were traveling in an RV and there was some shit going on with the world.  The dream it’s self doesn’t really matter.  I feel as if the dream was telling me to go to him about me nightly visitor.  I haven’t gone to him yet and not sure if I will. He gave up all of that after some things happened spiritually and I don’t feel right dragging him into whatever this is.

I do know that it’s time to stock up on sage and do a thorough house cleansing.

Well, here’s to a full nights of uninterrupted sleep. (hopefully)

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