Overgrown and feeling neglected

Back of my house
This is a close up of the hot mess behind my house.

I took the above pictures about a week ago.  It’s not only an eyesore but it’s unsafe.  We can’t get out the back door (not that we ever could), I can’t open my window (it’s nailed shut and can’t be opened anyway) but that’s not the point.
I can only imagine what sorts of critter and reptiles must be living in there.

With all of my health problems and everyday chronic pain I’m unable to take care of this myself.   Times like this makes me feel like I’m just not important enough to help out. 
Don’t get me wrong, I get that people are busy with work and their own lives and cant just drop everything to help out.  I just feel like no one has ever even attempted to  make time for just me.

My 20yr old daughter takes me to appointments once a week and helps me run my errands on that day. She complains if things start to take to long. Not because she has plans, but because she just wants to go home and do nothing.  What she doesn’t understand is it’s the only day I get out of the house. The rest of the time I feel trapped in my own home.  I’m isolated in the country and I can’t even go for a walk due to the fact my leg is dying.
I’m extremely grateful she runs me around but I feel like she’s doing it only because there is no one else to.  I feel like a burden to her.

I’m 47 but have the health concerns of someone much older.  All my doctors tell me I need to get out more, but they don’t understand that I literately can’t.  I can’t remember the last time I saw a friend in person or went somewhere that didn’t involve my child taking me.  It’s all so very frustrating!

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